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The Marxist Occupation and How to Defeat it:   Oct 2011

Democracy is here.


That’s not good news; because democracy is step-one of Marxism.


And now we have crowds gathering in places of public assembly, and elsewhere, and among the myriad and confused opinions emerging from those crowds are murmurs that echo the class warfare rhetoric of the communist manifesto.


I heard one person on the Sean Hannity radio show– a 37 year old college student working on a graduate degree – doing the best job I’ve heard so far of what might be mistaken for articulating a position for the growing mob. She indicated that the “1%” had rigged the system so that the “99%” could not succeed, essentially. She said that the whole system that had been “put in pretty much since 1776” doesn’t work anymore, and that people who have worked their whole lives are ending up with nothing.


The crowd in general is saying that they’re fed up with greedy corporations and Wall St. doing whatever they’re doing to make them and all of their friends so unsuccessful. The truth of the matter is, however, that no one from those crowds has been able to express exactly what has been done by whom that has ruined their lives and futures. It’s just the “rich” people, just like we heard from the rioters in England.


This is the point where it’s so tempting for many people who consider themselves conservatives to unload- figuratively speaking- on these protestors. Most of those conservatives are individuals who know what they’ve gone through in order to acquire what wealth they have, most of those don’t have as much wealth as they’re accused of, and all of them know that the value of that wealth is disappearing by the day. I can relate to that. I spent all of my 20s and into my early 30s living with roommates in tiny apartments. We all went to work every day doing things we hated, usually, and lived very frugal lives. None of us could have considered having children at that stage. It took all of those years to get the experience- and the sense of urgency, really- necessary to do the things required to earn enough money to become independent of that situation.

And now I’m the guy who’s clawed himself into barely six-figure salaries over the last several years, and I’m left knowing that these protestors are attacking the very corporations who need to pay me with their investment dollars in order to make more money for their shareholders- read: me. They appear to think corporations are some human/parent-like entity that has all of the money and is just being obstinately stingy with it. That’s a sad belief. It’s certainly not a deduction. Corporations, rather, are groups of people just like they are. Corporations, unless they’re committing fraud, are just people working to make our lives better. The crowd is, simply, attacking themselves and their neighbors.

            But it doesn’t help for me or any conservative to point the finger of blame back at them, any more than the reverse is true.


            There’s a lyric from an old great Genesis album called “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway” (way before my time, btw) that has always stuck with me, because I knew it was so prescient even as a kid:


            “Like everyone else, they’re pointing, but nowhere feels quite right”


In this complex problem, in fact, both sides are right, and both sides are wrong, depending on the specific aspect of the problem. Human beings, from either side, are reaching the point that they don’t believe that the problems can be solved at all. In reality, most human beings haven’t been focused enough on solving that problem, due to either inability or disinterest, to realize that there are in fact answers to all of those questions. There is a justifiable place to point the finger of blame for every situation.


            I can solve these problems for one reason: I’m unique.


            I’ve heard it said that genius is common, and I believe that strongly. But genius is also much skewed. We each have something inside of us that no other individual can match. My particular genius, as it turns out, is that I understand the fundamentals of human society like no other. This isn’t by choice- it’s more by chance. It’s important that I tell you that this because it should be understood that I’m not suggesting solutions, I’m providing mathematical conclusions that can withstand any challenge.


            Let’s start with the mob:


When they lament that they have been screwed by a system rigged against them, they’re actually completely correct, except when they indicate that it started in 1776. Neither they nor the conservatives, generally, are correct about the exact nature of what that system is that has screwed us all.


The first part is the following:


Public education is a Marxist holocaust.


The giant “corporate” lie that the protestors can’t put their finger on is that education is something that happens to us in a government-sponsored building. This is an extremely sad and cynical lie. The United States was and should be about the end of tribal behavior. Each of us is an individual, and for the state to exert force either to shackle a human being into a prefab group-think life-structure, or to force someone to pay to inflict that injustice on other human beings is unthinkably evil. We’ve been plugged into that tribe for so long, however, that no one of any political affiliation has the courage to call it for what it actually is.

Untold billions of dollars get pumped into this system that pretends that sitting in a box while spoon-fed information by another human being over months and years is part of what life is. Society has forced us onto that poison path, and has promised us a reward at the end that it can never guarantee: A rewarding career and life. People feel screwed because they have been screwed. Their lives were ruined because of all of the possibilities that were displaced, and they’re left often in debt with no effective life skills.

Obama reads on about the need to put more teachers in the classrooms. The real solution is the elimination of the class rooms. The real solution is for the free market to generate the spectrum of products and services related to education. The real solution is that what one knows, in a free market, is irrelevant to where the knowledge was obtained. In the real world, that works. In the early 90s, the computer industry was such that anyone who could administer or engineer computer systems could get a job just as easily as someone with a computer science degree. I never took a computer class in college, but made my living as a systems engineer, along with many others who never went to college at all. There is one lesson that the government should be teaching: “what you know is a product of what you choose to know”.


The second part of this equation is fundamental social morality.


The commie manifesto is a very simple and stupid document. It makes a very weak case for justifying violence and theft. It puts forth an extremely thoughtless and evil mentality. It doesn’t make sense on any level. It says in one paragraph that private property will be abolished, and in another that a heavily graduated income tax would be implemented. Income is property, so if it’s abolished then who is going to pay the tax? This is the mentality that diverted the money of individuals into the construction of the public education disaster that destroyed the lives of millions.

It’s that mentality that instills in the mob a willingness to exert force to take what they were promised. The problem is that they’ve been taught to believe they’re owed something by anyone who has it, rather than from the bastards who stole it: Marx and those like him, read: Obama, Pelosi, Frank, Dodd, and too many others. When the crowd rips the Wall St. bailouts, they’re right to be upset; but that disaster was caused by the same Marxists they seem to support- all in the name of compassionate theft.

Make no mistake. Whether you and your neighbor are the only two people on the earth or it’s you among the millions in a society, no one owes you a thing except to leave you alone if that is your choice. Whether you move to steal directly from that person, or to influence the government to do it on your behalf, you are just as evil in either case. Whether you are a looter on foot in the streets, or on the floor of congress, you deserve to be stopped with whatever force is necessary. Every individual has the responsibility to live within his means, and to work toward his own wealth.  


A third component in the mix that cannot be overlooked is drug prohibition.


This is the twin giant lie to public education. This one is a two-headed snake.


First there is the giant “corporate” lie that an individual’s freedom to use drugs is a causal factor in why some of them do other things that truly violate the rights of individuals. That’s a simple post-hoc fallacy. The real crime is that society has created a web of laws that spreads the blame for truly evil acts out among the general population of drug users, creating a smokescreen behind which the truly evil can hide and thrive. No man under natural law can justify preventing his neighbor from using plants in whatever way he chooses. All of this comes down to principle, and Thomas Jefferson put this one best:

“Sometimes it is said that man cannot be trusted with the government of himself. Can he, then, be trusted with the government of others, or have we found angels in the form of kings to govern us?”


Society is justified in controlling public behaviors, and in the enforcement of contract law between those who trade and use drugs. Beyond that, it has no valid power.


The second head of this snake is the myth behind prescription drugs. Society has no more right to force one adult human being to get the permission of another- regardless of the degree held by the latter- in order to purchase synthetic drugs directly from the manufacturer on mutually agreeable terms than it does to prohibit natural drugs. Unless that substance is a direct threat to national security- as may be the case with certain antibiotics- then it’s none of the government’s business.

This is another example of Marxist ideology.

This “corporate” lie is that individual human beings are of some class below the elite “rich” politicians and doctors and have no ability to learn about their own health or about the range of products provided by pharmaceutical entrepreneurs unless they are conscripted into the provided menagerie. The government has its role. It makes sure that producers are subject to penalties for poor standards of production and poor disclosure about side-effects or other communications related to warnings, and then it gets out of the way. 

This big lie is the largest impediment to free-market cost reductions in the health-services industry. Doctors must compete on the value of their knowledge and their proven abilities like anyone else, rather than having the government drive business to them by force. Drug companies should be able to profit from their brilliant advances by marketing directly to the consumer. They should be subject to the consequences of their actions through contract law like any other business, and then be left alone to do what they do. 

Insurance companies should be free to provide the range of products, and with unfettered competition, to meet the needs of consumers. They should not suffer arbitrary limitations and regulations, nor should they be forced to provide insurance at a loss. That’s not the business they’re in.

The final and fundamental piece of the puzzle is the role of faith in law.


We have all been screwed, and the system has been rigged against us. That much is for sure. It isn’t by the people who wrote The Constitution, however. They set it up brilliantly. They were deists, primarily, who did not believe in mixing faith with law. The first Amendment was designed to prevent Elena Kegan’s view that “the courts should not strike down laws they think are senseless, just because they are senseless.”  On the contrary: Senseless laws are by that fact alone unconstitutional.

They must be, because we are not Gods. We are only human and we require reason to verify our evaluations. The problem with allowing one faith to influence law is that it becomes very difficult to stop other faiths from influencing law. Many conservative Christians overlook the fact that Marxism is a faith. They are so sure that Atheism is the enemy that they project Atheism on the competing faith of Marxism.

 So we see that the so-called “left” and “right” are both to blame for the strength of Marxist ideology in the United States. Both entertain, on some level, the idea that the structure of public education is too big to fail, and fail to recognize the inherent evil in its design. There are members throughout society who embrace Marxist ideas, without even knowing it in many cases. The “left” is willing to steal from their neighbors through their government, or through personal violence. The “right” wants to control the actions of adults through drug laws, robbing individuals of their freedom and tax revenue; driving divisions within families, depleting resources, providing excuses for criminal activity, and inviting the violence associated with inevitable underground markets.

These flaws are not beyond our ability to correct, but the time is dire. I’ve founded a political party dedicated to bringing about the first truly capitalist society, and all of the benefits of that natural condition. It’s called “The Sane Party”, and more can be learned at “”. What I offer is the same thing offered in The Constitution: a world that makes sense and is fair for every reasonable human, regardless of age, religion, or financial condition. There are reasons for this nation’s ills, and there are places to accurately lay the blame. But it has taken my unique vision to accurately characterize this structure. It will take the actions of millions of others to recognize the logic in these ideas and contribute to their proliferation throughout society.

Join The Sane Party today and help me save this country.









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